Gallus RCS 330 (2006)
Ref.No: 76438
Technical Conditions 
Label-Printing machine
Year 2006
Current State:
In production
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Gallus RCS 330
The basic machine is built in 7/2006 and was originally commissioned in 2007 with six offset printing units and expanded in 2010 to include a flexographic printing unit, cold foil stamping and Multiweb.
Equipments :
Printing units 6 x 1,250 mm and 1 x 1,000 mm
Rota punch
Cold foil embossing unit
Laminating device and extension laminating device for SK-laminating
Multiweb equipment
6 servo-driven cooling rollers
BST web video
6 offset printing units with finecolor ink fountain (revised at Gallus 2015 and 2016)
Eltromat color zone remote adjustment
1 flexographic printing unit
Cooling machine Hyfra 45kW
Handling device for printing plate assembly
6 format cassettes Z 120
1 magnetic cylinder Z 120
1 flexo printing cylinder Z 120
Spilker Labelshifter
Rotometrics RD-Ritzwerk
Temperature control unit Technotrans Alpha.c 120
Water treatment plant Technotrans alpha.r3 (new in 07/2017)
1 process change carriage to accommodate a printing unit
1 process change carriage for receiving a format cassette
1 tool holder for holding 2 punching cylinders
Exhaust fan with control, piping can be adopted
Europe Western
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